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PURPOSE & MISSION The Divergent Musician's purpose is to share transformative insight; inspire and relate to others interested in spiritual growth and self-development; promote emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and wellbeing among the general public and classical musicians. Part of the Divergent Musician mission is to provide general divinations readings on the channel. Private divination readings can be purchased on the booking page. The Divergent Musician Journey (Katie's Journey) is about self-transformation, healing, and empowerment. I share a look into my life as an instrumentalist (French horn) and Clairsentient Empath/Diviner. Reflecting on life lessons, themes, & topics, I dive into the realms of eclectic spirituality, higher consciousness, & psychology on this channel; all of which has helped me survive a rather traumatic life. ABOUT KATIE A. BERGLOF Born in El Salvador (along with her twin sister Allie), adopted and raised in North Dakota, she grew up on a farm in the small town of Sherwood on the Canadian border. Her adoptive family is of Scandinavian (Norwegian and Swedish) heritage. Katie's life was rather turbulent as she suffered from cyclical abuse and psychological trauma both throughout early-childhood and adulthood; including experiencing rare disorders, diseases, odd trials and tribulations. She spent many periods of her life healing, self-transforming, and rebuilding her life from the ground up. Katie is a former classical musician, music educator, and arts administrator. In late 2009 she developed a rare neurological disorder called "Musician's Focal Dystonia" and started speaking out about her experience and documenting her recovery. It's still quite taboo to speak openly about musician injuries, health, and wellbeing in the profession; especially surrounding something as mysterious and incurable as this Focal Dystonia. Her blog spanning over a decade, thoroughly documented her progress through videos, writing, and observations. There are no other current documentations out there that exist. There's a lot of stigma that surrounds it. Therefore she became well known as an advocate and guide through her blog "Living with Embouchure Dystonia" and series "Musicians with Dystonia & Injury Live Talk". Faith and spirituality have always been a central part of Katie's life, yet she hid her love for metaphysics from the public. She was highly empathic and saw spirits/past loved ones visit her during her childhood years. Because she was use to being seen as "different" her whole life already, was raised in a conservative Lutheran family, and scared of her empathic abilities as they increased with age - she suppressed them as much as possible. In adulthood she refused to acknowledge her growing interest. In 2013 she found others who shared similar experiences, but kept any tarot groups, mediumship groups, or psychic development groups a secret and called it a hobby around friends who knew about it. After a miscarriage, several hospitalizations, health ailments, divorce, moving, two major surgeries, and death in the family all in the span of a year, she started experiencing what is called a "Dark Night of the Soul" or existential crisis. Katie was diagnosed with C-PTSD and Dissociation Disorder and this naturally instigated a Spiritual Ascension/Awakening without her even knowing. Completely unaware that she was experiencing "Kundalini Rising" symptoms: Burning/electrical sensation running up and down the spine, random tingles all around the top of the head, "insect crawling" sensation running up and down legs, random spasm in right leg or right arm, hot flashes at night, cold spots on certain areas of body, waking up in middle of night at same time despite sleep medication/changes, intensely vivid dreams - often about snakes eating each other in a figure 8 infinity sign which is symbolic, precognitive dreaming, extremely forgetful about daily tasks/inability to focus, sensory overload - massive adrenaline rushes, started picking up on even the smallest energy shifts in air or environment, started experiencing vivid visions. Katie was so concerned at the thought that she was suffering form another catastrophic physical ailment, that her doctors got x-rays of her spine, had her hormone levels tested (she had lost 70 pounds, wasn't numbing her body with unhealthy food, and just recovered from a hysterectomy), checked for allergies, re-tested for COVID, and did a full physical and bloodwork. Physicians could not find anything wrong with her. She was actually better than ever. Not long after, her suppressedClairvoyant abilities unravelled in full swing: started having out-of-body/detached experiences while falling asleep or waking up, vivid visions in and outside of therapy/meditation, intense pressure and itchiness between her eyes (3rd eye vision), ringing and popping and heavy air pressure changes in ear, hearing strong buzzing next to left ear and music in the distance, seeing air prana, orbs of lights consistently in her vision, picking up on energy shifts/personalities/spirits/figures trying to get her attention strongly, smelling scents that were not present (ex. cigarette smoke, cologne)....and usually she doesn't have the ability to smell things very well in general!), lights flickering/things knocked over/sensation of someone touching shoulder, hearing words/names/phrases/inner wisdom/guidance distinctly (and via automatic writing too), seeing repeated flashes of images/faces/symbols if ignored, picking up on emotional energy of spirit guides and feeling their physical presence strongly, extremely sensitive to feeling/sensing energy in nature/crystals/animals, visitations from past loved ones, signs and synchronicities occurring, validation of messages received, experiencing vivid guidance/lessons and knowledge in dreams with a teacher. Throughout this intense spiritual and emotional healing process, she learned how to self-love, how to choose empowerment and empower others, let go of limiting mindsets, focusing on what serves her highest good and divine purpose, break old cycles/patterns, etc. and the importance of honoring ones true self above all else! And so that is what her Divergent Musician Journey is all about on her channel "Sharing a message of healing, empowerment, and spirituality." Katie is classified as a Clairsentient Empath; her gifts are clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairalience. She also experiences precognition, precognitive dreams, and astral projection (unaware/meditative out of body trance). Her divination tools include: Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, Lithomancy/Astragalomancy - i.e. Nordic Run Casting, Dye Casting, Crystal Casting, and Charm divination. Other related interests: psychology, philosophy, esoteric and metaphysics, astrology, numerology, palmistry, shamanism, obsidian mirror skying, auras, tea leaf reading, identical twin bond, twin telepathy, soul mates/karmic partners/twin flames, automatic writing, karmic cycles/moon cycle rituals, family (karma) patterns and cycles, ancestral linage, soul contracts, akashic records, nature healing, crystals, familiars and animal totems, etc. Zodiac Stats June 4th - Gemini - The Twins - Ruled by Mercury - Mutable Sign Ascendent Sign: Pisces Rising Star Sign: Gemini Sun Lunar Sign: Leo Moon Venus Gemini Mars Scorpio Fortune Aquarius - Katie ❤︎- Katie ❤︎

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