I started a poetry blog called Maiden & Crone: https://kberglof.wixsite.com/poetrycrone I could easily just post my poems here, but felt I needed a blog solely for poetry, separate from my DVM site. I've been staying up late just pouring it all out. The poem I posted below originally stemmed from a different poem I wrote. I have more to post when I get around to it. Thanks for reading!

______________________________________ Lost Matriarch

Lioness heart, matriarch of pride, I am not a mother, but I have given life to many lifeless wandering eyes. Eternal light adorns the darkest places, do not judge what you do not understand. Half of me walks beyond the veil of death in the light of living day. I am the queen of transfiguration. Like a Phoenix reborn from fire. Again and again, never ceasing to inspire. No one questions if the strong ever grow dark, weary, or need saving. Heavy as an anchor, bare weight of a crown; with no king, no kin, nor kingdom, it's too late for her now. Nine lives have been lived, no more miracles to spare, stripped of the gift of transmutation, what can she do? A lone wolf howls over a barren womb under a blood soaked moon. For time has stopped and one life must be given, if one life is to be spared. Where is the lioness heart I once had? The strength deep inside? Why must I be childless, is it not enough I've lived and died nine times? Helpless, scared, and panicked, with one last attempt, what little I had left, I called out for help.... ....and nothing came back. Deafening silence a thousand miles in every direction. For hours I listened to the breaking of my own heart.